Ivanka Trump picks her battles with father Donald..

How Ivanka Trump picks her battles with her father, has late night catch-ups with husband Jared and becomes frustrated by those who think she ‘controls’ the firebrand President


  • Ivanka Trump faced criticism when she kept quiet as her father lobbed a demeaning attack on Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski this week
  • But the first daughter does not see her job as to try and change the President, but rather to inform or support him
  • She said when she disagrees with Trump about decisions, she first weighs up whether it was campaign promise 
  • White House aides claim Ivanka was frustrated when she was criticized for not stopping her father when he withdrew from the Paris climate change accord
  • Ivanka regularly debriefs with her husband Jared Kushner, but given their busy schedules they often speak in their offices or in the 20 minutes before bed

Ivanka Trump has opened up on how she picks her battles with the President as it is revealed she gets frustrated when people assume she controls her firebrand father.

The first daughter, who has been vocal in using her White House role to advocate for women, faced criticism this week when she kept quiet as Trump lobbed a demeaning attack on a female MSNBC host.

But Ivanka does not see her job as one that revolves around trying to persuade or change Trump’s opinions – rather she is there to inform or support him with his decisions.

A Washington Post profile of Ivanka published Saturday suggested that those who were banking on the mother-of-three being able to keep Trump in check were misguided about her role as his daughter and as assistant to the President.

The people are different. The decisions are different and the office is different. But he is the same person and I am the same person. And we interact in the same way as we always have,’ she said of their working relationship in the White House.

Ivanka has said in previous interviews that she would never criticize her father in public, but maintains he is fully aware when she disagrees with him.

Yet when she does have different opinions in regards to running the country, Ivanka first weighs up whether or not it was a campaign promise.

The Post reports that if it was something Trump promised, Ivanka keeps quiet because she doesn’t believe her thoughts outweigh the opinions of those who voted her father in as President.

‘My father trusts me to be an honest broker. I don’t have a hidden agenda. I have a very clear agenda. He knows exactly where I stand and I express why I care. There’s no secrecy about it,’ Ivanka said.

White House aides claim Ivanka was frustrated when many publicly criticized her for not trying to stop Trump when he withdrew from the Paris climate change agreement last month.

Ivanka had provided her father with different viewpoints and called in others, including Leonardo DiCaprio, to talk to him about climate change.

But ultimately, it did not convince Trump to take a different stance.

‘I am not sort of trying to selectively curate information that will lead him to agree with me. Debate is good,’ Ivanka told the Post.

She responds to the ‘all the noise’ of people criticizing her father by putting her down to work.

‘Every time I’m a little tired or frustrated – I remind myself that it’s the greatest privilege in the world to do this, to be in the White House.’

Ivanka, who moved from New York to Washington DC after Trump was sworn in, regularly debriefs with her husband Jared Kushner.

Given their busy schedules working for the President, they often catch-up in Kushner’s White House office or in the 20 minute time frame from when he gets home at 11pm to when the couple goes to bed.

To further her priorities, Ivanka Trump has quietly reached out to Democrats. In May, she met with Democratic Sen. Kirstin Gillibrand of New York, a vocal advocate for paid leave, according to a public calendar on Gillibrand’s website. The two have not spoken since, said a Gillibrand aide, who was not authorized to speak publicly about the meeting.


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